Thursday 1:00pm

Family Business Relations Seminar

Deb Houden is a senior consultant with The Family Business Consulting Group, she specializes in helping family-owned businesses with family communication, transition and next generation development by providing resources, tools and knowledge that are needed to navigate their specific issues.

Deb has worked with numerous families on developing effective communication and conflict resolution skills, developing family meetings, beginning stages of board development, and working with next generational members of family firms (including adolescents). She is adept at developing processes that help families go through changes within the business and family systems.

She is a regular presenter to industry groups, family business centers, and individual company retreats on topics including the next generation and succession, communication and conflict resolution, and perceptions of fairness. 

This educational seminar will focus on:

• Conflict & Communication Management
• Leadership & Next Generation Development

Friday 1:00pm

What's Your Uber?

The future is coming at every industry faster than ever. 2020 is right around the corner and the #1 fear of most C-suite executives is the "UBERIZATION" of their business model. No industry is exempt from the "uberization" impact. Do your members know what their UBER is? They better or they will be left behind.

In a recent study by IBM, senior executives of thousands of companies stated that their #1 fear for the future was the "Uberization" of their industry or marketplace. This energetic and informative session will help provide the keys in researching and determining what future disruption is coming your way. 3-dynamic forces are changing every industry as it has the taxi, real estate, publishing and music industries. No industry is exempt from uberization. Over the last 5 years, disruption has transformed their industries putting the association and their members at risk for competing. The question is… Do you know what may be lurking your way that is going to create havoc in your industry. Tom Morrison will share 4 visuals every executive should be looking at with future business planning, the 3 dynamic forces causing disruption, the 3 reasons why disruption is happening and the 6 places it occurs. This is a must see keynote.