Inspection Services

Original Inspection

Original Inspections are performed exclusively by NHLA National Inspectors. Original Inspections can be performed at the point of origin or destination when agreed upon in the contract. For complete details please refer to the Rules for the Measurement & Inspection of Hardwoods and Cypress, page 70 of the NHLA 2015 Rules Book.

Strap and Seal Financial Guarantee

Have a picky customer that you can't seem to satisfy? Taking on a new customer and not sure how they will grade your lumber after you have shipped it? Have a high dollar item to be shipped with little margin for error? If you have any of these concerns, call a National Inspector to “ship it on certificate.” The Inspector will determine the grade of your lumber, then strap and seal the load with official NHLA documentation.

Dispute Inspections

In the event that buyer and seller cannot come to an agreement on the grade and/or value of a shipment NHLA offers a dispute inspection in which a National Inspector as an impartial 3rd party is called in to help resolve the issue.

Sales Code Violation 

A formal complaint should be filed when the NHLA Sales Code has been violated by buyers or sellers of hardwood lumber and the situation cannot be resolved between buyer and seller independently. Sellers are expected to deliver the ordered lumber exactly as specified in the contract or purchase order. A formal complaint should be filed if the buyer or seller fails to meet its contractual obligations. A formal complaint can be filed with NHLA by completing the SCV-1 Form (pdf). 

Company Training

NHLA Inspectors are available to train your inspectors and other key employees on:

• NHLA Rules species characteristics
• Grading accuracy
• Ability to upgrade lumber prior to shipment
• Recognition of individual

NHLA Inspectors will instruct at your location optimizing the learning because the training is done on your lumber; with your equipment; at your speed and at your facility. 

In-house training is customized to meet the specific needs of your company. To schedule in-house training contact your regional National Inspector or the Chief Inspector directly. 

National Inspector Fees Are As Follows:

In the U.S. and Canada:

NHLA Member Fees: $650 per day, flat fee
Non-Member Fees: $975 per day, flat fee

* Expedited services may be available - additional fees may apply. 
** Inspections outside of inspectors designated areas may incur additional travel expenses.   

Outside the U.S. and Canada:

NHLA Member Fees: $650 per day, plus expenses*
Non-Member Fees: $975 per day, plus expenses*

*Expenses include travel, lodging and meals.